Tired of the familiar Coupe options found in the BMW X6, the Audi Q8 or the Mercedes GLE Coupe’s? Enter stage right another German Coupe in the form of the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe. Stealing the thunder from the regular Cayenne, the brand new Cayenne Coupe is available in two 3.0 litre petrol versions, a… continue

The ever-popular Mercedes C Class range is ravishing on UK roads and often makes it into Top 10 best seller lists in the motor world. For all-round sophistication, stunning and refined looks, choice of shape, up-to-date-tech and a cracking range of engines, it’s hard to beat the Mercedes C Class for value and all-round driveability.… continue

If you want a car based argument then just venture an option about what is the best hot hatch in a room full of motorheads. There simply is no correct answer! Hippo Prestige look to give you an overview of the best hot hatch cars based on value, standard equipment and of course pace and… continue

Very warm welcome to the first instalment of Doms Top Prestige Picks. You’re probably thinking, who on earth is Dom? Well, I am the person behind Hippo’s social media presence and have been with the company since August 2018. Every month I will be choosing my pick of the latest in-stock vehicles to share with… continue

At any iteration of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS 2019) you can expect the heavy hitters of the automotive industry to make some of their biggest, most exciting announcements and the 2019 iteration (being held from 7-17 March at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland) is no different, with attendees able to view up close and… continue

When you are buying a used prestige car it is important to consider the dealership you are buying from and whether they can sell you a luxury car that is more than just its badge. If you choose the wrong car dealer, then you could end up with a car that gives you problems with… continue

Bentley has a rich history of designing vehicles that are the pinnacle of automotive luxury, and the KAHN edition 2018 Bentley Bentayga V8, available for sale from your friends at Hippo Prestige, takes that luxury to the next level by adding extra exclusivity to an already exclusive car. Let us take you on a tour… continue

Our customers are ready to drive off in their shiny new supercars, smug smile on, surrounded by that incomparable new car scent. Just one thing missing. And then the anticipated question strikes: “How do I go about adding private number plates?” So, here comes the necessary guide to all things personalised license plate related. A… continue

With the rise of affordable car finance and various manufacturers bringing out more accessible supercar models such as the Audi R8 and Nissan GTR, these speed machines are on the rise. After three years, these cars retain 48.8 per cent more of their original value than other luxury segments, given thorough upkeep of your supercar.… continue