A look at the Audi Range

Audi have created a variety of stylish and classy vehicles to suit the needs of each and every person. From the most luxurious of sports carsto the more practical business estate cars, they definitely have something for everyone. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite cars from the Audi range that we’re sure you will love too.
The Audi RS5 FSI QUATTRO is a very impressive vehicle from both the inside and out. The RS5 has always been one of the most fashionable cars on the road, and now thanks to a few tweaks it looks even better.
Although it’s simple inside the RS5 it suggests that simple doesn’t always mean you’re any worse off. The interior also feels expensive thanks to the top quality materials used throughout the cabin. When it comes to driving the RS5 it is smooth, relaxing and most of all comfortable. You’ll be dying to have a ride in the RS5 in rain or shine. Even though it’s a sports car it is surprisingly practical with a very generous boot space of 360 litre. It comes completed with sat-nav, air-con, alloy wheels, electric windows and traction control. Not only do you want a car that is fashionable and practical but one that is reliable too. The S5 is certainly just that. Here at Hippo, we have a perfect example of the RS5 in stock at £54,980.

What car said ‘The Audi A6 is refined and has a luxurious, spacious interior. It’s also well-equipped and the engines are impressively efficient and economical’ and we completely agree. With a 3 litre engine the A6 Avant TDi S Line Bi Turbo can fairly go. It’s a fantastic all-rounder with stylish looks and class. From the exterior the A6 looks so elegant and surely appeals to everyone.
All versions of the A6 come with funky xenon lights with LED running lights and scrolling indicators are also available. The A6 is a great car to drive as it’s precise and accurate. The cabin of the A6 is wider and a lot more spacious than previous models meaning it is more practical.

With a 530 litre boot space it is perfect for any business man or woman looking for a vehicle capable of carrying their necessities.
The A6 range is packed with all the latest kit such as sat-nav, air-con, alloy wheels, heated seats, electric windows, cruise control and central locking. If you’re looking for a luxury car then the A6 could be for you. We now have the Audi A6 Avant TDi S Line bi Turbo 2013 plate in at Hippo Prestige Cars for £36,480.
For us the Audi Q5 is an excellent choice of car that will impress the family and the business associates if needed.

‘What car’ said ‘The Audi Q5 is an impressive car, with good handling, generous passenger space and a large boot’. The Q5 comes completed with electric windows, air-con, central locking, alloy wheels, heated front seats and climate control. For a larger family the Q5 would be an excellent choice. The interior of the Q5 is incredibly well thought out and thanks to the top quality materials used through the cabin the exterior is complimented throughout.
If you opt for the 2 litre diesel model then you will certainly save some money however won’t have to compromise performance wise. This is without a doubt one of the better looking cars in its class.
We have a fantastic Audi Q5 in stock at Hippo Prestige for only £30,980.

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