All About Bentley

Bentley is a well-known luxury carmaker, which is now completely owned by the German company, Volkswagen. The company was founded in 1919 by W.O Bentley in Cricklewood (near London) and has since moved to Crewe. Bentley have been creating high-performance cars since their founding, and won their first Le Mans in 1924. They have even broadened their merchandise horizons in recent years, and now create a variety of luxury goods including: sunglasses, furniture, handbags, ski equipment, watches and fragrances.

Bentley have also taken their brand further with something called the‘Bentley Experience’ This includes visits to the factory and CW1 House, which is exclusive to customers, and allows them unique insight into Bentley, and immerses them into design and engineering processes required.

So we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best in the range that Bentley has to offer, starting with one of their most popular and traditional cars, the R-Type Continental. This heritage car is a high-performance version of the R-Type, and the prototype was released in August 1951, making it one of the fastest 4-seater cars around at the time. Only 208 were ever made, yet it still managed to inspire future Bentley cars, including the team who worked on the Continental GT almost 50 years later.
The R-Type Continental was a rare car for its era, as there was no car like it that could reach such high top speeds (over115mph) whilst allowing for passengers and luggage. This rarity means that the R-Type Continental is incredibly valuable to car collectors.

From there, Bentley went on to create some truly incredible, luxury cars throughout the decades. For example, the Bentley Continental was such a popular car, that they used the Continental name on several generations of their luxury cars. From the R-Type in 1951, all the way through to the Continental Flying Spur in 2005 onwards.
One very popular model in particular that is still in production, is the 2010 Mulsanne. The name Mulsanne is a throwback to their 6 victories at Le Mans since it began in 1923. This is because the ‘Mulsanne’ is a stretch of road on which cars can reach their highest speeds. An incredibly spacious and sophisticated car, the Mulsanne offers drivers everything you could want from a luxury car. It’s lightning quick, yet extraordinarily comfortable. The interior is delightful, with vast space and armchair-like seats in the back which make it incredibly easy to relax. There is a tonne of gadgets and kit at your disposal too, which you’d expect for the huge cost of the car (£220,000).

Finally, it seems that Bentley have now ventured into the world of4x4 cars, as they are now in the process of creating their first ever SUV, which is an evolution of a previous concept car back in 2012. The Bentley Bentayga is a four-seat, 5 door, luxury SUV with a 12 cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. Although you’ll have to wait until September this year when it is formally introduced during the Frankfurt Motor Show, with production beginning after November for a 2016 release. A couple ofheavily camouflaged test cars have already been spotted, and a promotional video has been released showing the interior.
So if you’re looking at getting your own Bentley, make sure to have a look at our prestige range. Or if Bentley isn’t your style, we have everything available from Land Rovers to Porsches and every luxury car in between.

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