Best Mercedes Models

Mercedes-Benz have a huge range of luxury cars suited to a variety of drivers. Whether you’re looking for a new or used Mercedes-Benz, have a look at some of the best in the range.
Mercedes-Benz C- Class Saloon

The C-Class holds a 5 star rating in safety, and has a collision-prevention system that automatically applies the brakes for you, before it crashes into the vehicle in front. It also has a tyre pressure monitoring system that will automatically alert you if you need to put more air in any of your tyres. The C-Class has scored very impressive marks on the NCAP crash test with its 7 airbags to protect you if an accident can’t be avoided.

Even the seriously long legged drivers can get comfortable in the C-Class with the adjustments that can be made to the seat and the steering wheel. Each of the C-Class models come with a seven-inch colour screen, controlled by a touch pad and rotary dial that are positioned between the two front seats of the vehicle.
It is recommended to take the optional Airmatic suspension as it provides a settled ride for exceptionally good handling. The Airmatic suspension makes a really comfy ride on the motorway, but can sometimes become a little bumpy around town. However if you switch the suspension into ‘sport’ this will tighten things up, and you will be able to drive the C-Class along a twisty road with plenty of speed.

Mercedes – Benz A-Class Hatchback

The Equipment in the A-Class is reasonable, with each model getting air conditioning, alloy wheels and Bluetooth. The A-Class is also one of the most iPod- compatible cars yet. The sporty AMG model has bespoke alloy wheels and a slightly different looking front grille, along with a full AMG body kit.
The A-Class isn’t one of the most spacious cars, with the curve of the rear windows and rear wheel arches intruding into the rear doorways, it is quite hard to climb into the back of the car. The boot of the A-Class is quite small, as it is only short and isn’t very deep; however this is helped by the split rear seats that fold down almost flat.
The dashboard is very similar to the one in the Mercedes B-Class, very smartly styled along with circular air vents, similar to which are in the SLS supercar. However, most of the plastics out of sight are not hard and the rotary climate controls have a very lightweight feel to them. The Mercedes A-Class interior isn’t cheap, but it just doesn’t feel as smart as some of the other cars on the market.

Mercedes-Benz SLK, Cabriolet

This version of the SLK has a great boot space of 225 litres with the roof down, whilst the second generation had only 208 litres. Put the roof on and the boot space opens up to 335 litres. Whichever way you choose, there’s plenty of room for you, your passenger, and a couple of bags.
The Mercedes SLK is one of the most comfy roadsters to sit in. If you do feel a bit cold once the roof is off, the Airscarf heating vents that are built into the headrest will help to warm the air around your head. Close the roof and the car is very well insulated, and you can barely hear the road or tyre noise. The visibility in the front of the car is good, however when the hood is closed the rear window is only small, which does restrict the view.
There are three petrol engines offered on the SLK, the most powerful engine being the six-cylinder 306bhp 350 with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic gearbox. This car can reach 60mph in 5.4 seconds, with a top speed of 155mph.

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