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Having a private plate is not only a symbol of your identity but an investment. So people say. Others however, say its outrageous waste of money. Number plates either make money or lose money in time, just like properties.

Despite their hefty price tag private plates are still a big business, but how much money are people really willing to spend?

Saeed Khouri obviously wasn’t thinking about the money when he gave over a whopping £7.1 million pounds for the most expensive private plate in the world bearing the figure ‘1’. He said ‘I bought it because it’s the best number’. I suppose everybody wants to be number 1.

Demon plates reported, that in 2007 Talal Ali Mohammed bought the 2nd most expensive plate in the world at an auction in Abu Dhabi. He paid £3.5 million for the single digit “5” which he said ‘held no significance whatsoever’.

Afzal Khan obviously thought of his private reg “F1” more of an investment than a representation of his identity. Afzal, who bought the 3rd most expensive plate for £440,000 thousand pounds, said ‘I think it’s a good price to pay because it’s probably worth 10 times that’.

At number 4’s most expensive private plate in the world is “M 1” bought by Mike McCoomb in 2006 for £330,000 thousand pounds. Apparently Mike bought the plate for his sons sixth birthday however seeing as he can’t drive yet, Mike is enjoying them for himself.

In 2006 £285,000 thousand pounds was handed over by Chelsea’s boss Roman Abramovich for the private plate bearing the figures “VIP 1”. Ironically, the plate has been owned by quite a few very important people such as Pope John Paul II.

There are many number plates out there, as stated by the Independent that have been banned for being in ‘poor taste’ by the DVLA.

Private plates starting with the letters PR, SH and SL have proven the most difficult for the ‘14’ plates such as ‘SK14 NKY’. Most unsuitable 14 plates have now been banned. Many ‘63’ plates with combinations such as BU63 GER and LU63 FER are now also banned.

Although some of us may find the rude words or controversial statements humorous, they are deemed inappropriate for the roads.

I know it may seems silly to spend so much of your hard earned cash on a piece of plastic but I suppose, if you have the money then why not?

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