Evoque emotion. Echo innovation. Ignite exploration: The 2019 Range Rover Evoque

This year, Hippo Prestige, are bringing you a SERIOUS choice of Evoques. Here, we have the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque for you to explore.

Let’s look at the existing selection of nearly new and used Evoques that we have in stock, and the revamped 2019 model.

Pre-2019 Range Rover Evoques

It’s hard to believe that the Range Rover Evoque has only been with us since July 2011. What now feels like an iconic design for families, with its sloping roof and rising waistline, is actually the most popular of all the Range Rovers. Somehow, it manages to combine status, class and attainable luxury – it’s in a class of its own in the SUV sphere.

We have sold many thousands of Land Rovers down the years and we have plenty of Evoques in stock, so can offer you used cars but also new lease deals. The current, pre-2019, Evoque has had a brilliant 9 year run as the upmarket, value focused SUV of choice for discerning customers, and you can find our current Evoques on our stock page here.

Here’s what you get on the current model:

Engine efficiency

The 2.0 litre diesels are the most popular engines for the current, pre-2019, Evoque, one with 180hp and another with 150hp, the later coming as a front-wheel-drive version that is the most economical with manufacturer stated combined driving efficiency of 65.7 mpg and only 113g/km CO2 emissions.

Logical layout

The interior of the Evoque has stood the test of time, as have most Land Rovers, and everything is in the right place with lots of quality leather and a pleasing and logical layout. The infotainment system is excellent and our models offer the choice between the 8” and 10” touchscreens – we’d recommend the 10” as an option when picking from the “SE”, “SE Tech” or “Landmark” trims.

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What’s in store for the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque?

The new 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is poised to take the market by storm. Over 800,000 Evoques have been launched since they were first sold back in 2011 and the new version is more of a creative update of the original, with some inspiration from the Velar, than a full-blown overhaul.

Accentuated features

The expert off-roader has gained a more refined look by narrowing down the front headlamps and further accentuating that sloping roof and rising waistline through clever creasing, scooping, and well-placed vents and grill. As a result it looks even more catlike and willing to spring at the road, and this new feline like Evoque is bound to get an envious glance.

On the technology side, Matrix LED headlights project an adaptive beam which maximises the driving beam but not at the expense of oncoming traffic where it shadows the light to prevent dazzling your fellow motorist. The Touch Pro Duo boast 2 x 10” touch screens allow you to multitask whilst you drive, using the top screen for the likes of navigation while the bottom screen takes care of media or climate control.

There are 3 trims at launch with the Evoque, the R-Dynamic and the First Edition all available with the R-Dynamic adding some natty copper effects to the body while the First Edition gives you those special LED headlights, a panoramic roof and extra detailing.

Driving on water

Optional Wade Sensing takes the stress out of water crossings. It gives you a real-time display of the water level around the vehicle and warns you if the water is nearing Range Rover Evoque’s class-leading 600mm wading depth.

Wade Sensing Technology

Driving on rough or off-road terrain

The Range Rover’s much lauded off-road expertise employ a near 31 degree departure angle, ClearSight Ground View which allows you to see “through” the chassis to see the terrain your front wheels are about to traverse, and a towing ability of up to 2000kgs.

Towing Capability

Interactive Driver Display gives you crystal clear info on the instrument cluster and means you can put the likes of satellite navigation right in front of you. The new Evoque also features some new innovation like a ClearSight interior rear view mirror where the car cleverly uses a camera on the rear to project a view onto your rear view mirror in case your normal view is blocked.


Speaking of power, the new Evoque has 6 engines that you can pick from. Unusually, they are all 2.0 litre engines, 3 diesels and 3 petrol engines. The difference comes down to the power output starting with the diesels giving 150hp, 180hp or the 240 hp twin turbo. The petrol engines start with a 200hp and move up to 249hp, or there’s a massive 300hp engine. All these versions, apart from the smallest diesel , come as all-wheel-drive vehicles.

We are super excited by the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque because we know how good its predecessor is and with all of these enhancements, the new Evoque is going to be a sure-fire winner.

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