Famous Celebrity Cars

It’s hard not to be envious of celebrity supercars, and who could blame us? We’d love to get our hands on some of the most expensive and fastest motors in the industry.
It turns out that some of the most popular brands bought by celebrities include: Mercedes, Maybach, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Porsche. Not much of a surprise, seeing as they are some of the most exotic and exquisite cars money can buy.
Even more interesting is that 50% of these prestige car sales belong to Bugatti Veyron, which coincidentally is also the world’s most expensive. We’ve had a look at some of the most famous celebrity cars over the past couple of years.

Paris Hilton

Model, actress and singer, Hilton owned one of the greatest cars Toyota ever made: the Lexus LFA. She reportedly paid $5603 a month for the carbon fibre constructed car with a V10 engine. It was also one of 500 ever made. Nowadays, Hilton drives around in a Barbie-pink £285k Bentley Continental GT.

David Beckham

Famous footballer Beckham is the owner of plenty of prestige cars, but his most famous would be the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. This beautiful motor can reach 60mph in 5.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 149mph. Beckham had the Phantom fully customised (even the hood ornament) and had Savini forged wheels. Although the Phantom has been sold now, Beckham now owns a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Nicolas Cage

Back in 2012, actor Nicolas Caged briefly owned a Ferrari Enzo. Apparently one of the most expensive cars owned by a celebrity at the time. The Ferrari reportedly cost him 670k, had a top speed of 218mph, could reach 62mph in 2.5 seconds, and was one of only 399 that were ever made. Unfortunately Cage ran into some financial difficulties, and had to sell the car to pay off his debts.

Kendall Jenner

Buying supercars for birthdays seems to be a popular tradition with celebrities, and on Kendall Jenner’s 16th birthday, she was treated to a £56k black Range Rover. Range Rovers seem to be a popular choice with celebrities, and Jenner even sold her used Range Rover and bought herself another two of them!

Kim Kardashian

This Kardashian has had quite the car collection over the past couple of years; with her collection consisting of two Rolls Royce Ghosts, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Mercedes G63, a Porsche Panamera, two Range Rovers and a blacked-out Bentley Continental GTC! She even bought husband Kanye West a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador for his 35th birthday.

Floyd Mayweather

Ranked by Forbes as the highest paid athlete in the world, Floyd Mayweather has one of the most impressive car collections we can think of. With a net worth of $400 million, and a tonne of money to spend on cars, Mayweather has in his collection: 1 Bentley, 2 Rolls Royces, 3 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, and 3 Bugatti Veyrons. Mayweather is a huge fan of the colour white when it comes to painting his cars, and has recently acquired a $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

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