Ferrari 458 Italia – Review

Ferrari reinvigorated their image with the 458 Italia to counter the image that had been cultivated of them selling merchandise items rather than fast sports cars. It became the Ferrari that had to be driven and should be owned. It is one of the best fast, extreme road going Ferraris ever made.


Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engine supercar with a 4.5-litre V8 that produces 597 bhp. This allows the prancing pony to gallop to 60 MPH in 3.4 seconds and if your aiming for 124 MPH, it’ll take 10.4 seconds. With all supercars, the top speed is always of interest and the 458 Italia can hit 202 MPH flat out. Some very impressive stats from the World’s most prestigious supercar manufacturer and even the fuel efficiency is impressive for such a car, delivering 24.00 mph, not that that will be much of an interest.


Ferrari has always made comfortable, sports interiors designed to give the most driver focussed interior available. With the 458 Italia, Ferrari have given comfortable and supportive seats and it has everything you need including air-conditioning. Everything feels hand-crafted and yet very modern and nothing looks out of place at all.

The layout is made up of bespoke stitched leather with Alcantara and carbon fibre. As for the centre of attention – the steering wheel – has everything that you need on it, available at your thumb tips. Literally everything including indicators, headlights, wipers, even suspension controls.

Driving and performance

When driving a Ferrari, you expect pure excellence and with the 458, you get just that. Everything compliments each other from the accurate steering system to the consistent and responsive brakes and a 7-speed twin-clutch gearbox, everything comes together perfectly.

The suspension is adjustable, allowing you to alter it for a softer road ride or a firmed up race track destroyer. That 7-speed gearbox has been tailored made to Ferrari’s specifications specifically for this car allowing everything to be operated fast and smooth.

The drive in the 458 is known for being comfortable, fluid and remarkably supple. It allows you to take corners at higher speeds than is legally necessary and you feel secure and controlled throughout.


Ferrari 458 Italia started out between £178,581-208,120 depending upon which edition of this beautiful supercar you wanted. If you are interested in a used Ferrari on sale, then you are looking for a 458 Italia coming in at around £162,000 which is still a brilliant price for such a fantastic supercars.

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