Ferrari 458 vs. BMW i8

We’ve picked two of our favourite luxury cars and pitted them against each other to decide which is the best…

Ferrari 458:

The 458 is an exquisitely styled car that oozes charm. Even TopGear believes that this sensational car is ‘the best small mid-engined supercar in the world’. It’s also the first mid-engine road Ferrari to use direct fuel injection. The 458 produces 562bhp and has a top speed of over 200mph. It gives drivers a supple and agile driving experience, with light steering and carbon ceramic brakes. Even the distinctive vents leading onto the headlights, reduce lift whilst cooling the brakes. The whole car has been dynamically styled, from the sporty exterior through to the classy cabin. The interior has been well thought out, with the controls laid out to make a very driver-focused environment. The standard wheel comes with multi-function controls, which means you can easily control the car’s functions whilst keeping both hands on the wheel. You can even get a cool LED revcounter on the wheel if you choose.
Cons: The main downside is the price. Although the customisation and personalisation options are great, they all add to the already expensive starting price. Extras such as Satnav and iPod connectivity don’t even come as standard.

BMW i8:

The i8 is a jaw-dropping petrol and electric hybrid, which means it benefits from having both a conventional engine as well as an electric one. The i8 is the second model in the ‘i’ range, and is a futuristically styled car with low running costs and strong performance. It also comes with some head-turning looks and innovative engineering to match. The entire body has been made with aerodynamics in mind, and the combination of aluminium chassis and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic body panels means that the i8 is light and strong too. The i8’s stunning style is also reinforced by its stunning butterfly doors. As with most hybrids, there is a rear filter cap for regular fuel and a front cap for electricity. The i8 can get a decent 22 miles purely on electric, and it’s easy to see that BMW’s electric car ‘sets the sector benchmark for fuel efficiency’ with CO2 emissions of 49g/km and an economy of 134.5mpg.
Cons: There’s not a lot of space in the rear seats, and there is poor visibility when looking out the back windscreen. The boot isn’t much bigger either. And although the cabin is beautiful, it gets a fair amount of road noise and some of the materials feel uninspired.
Both the 458 and i8 are fantastic luxury cars, which both offer a thrilling driving experience. If speed and intense performance is more your style, you should opt for the Ferrari. However, if you’re green-conscious and want an enjoyable ride that’s cheaper to run, go for the i8. If you’re looking for your own luxury car, make sure to check out our prestige car sales and let us help you find your perfect car.

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