The new Ford Mustang is like John Wayne on the pull: Confident, Loud and Proud

There used to be a dozen good reasons not to buy a Mustang in the UK. Left hand drive and the fear of pulling out onto incoming traffic on a wet, narrow road in February, the famed “live” rear axle all brash in a straight line and eyes shut bravado in the corners, expensive parts and, let’s face it, not the greatest interior. 

All change then now that you can have a Mustang in right hand drive, suspension that does what it should, two delicious engines with gear boxes to match and your choice in fastback or convertible forms.

2017 Ford Mustang GT | Race Red | Walkaround, Interior & Exterior


The new Mustangs look great from any angle, guaranteed to get heads turning and blood pumping with its proven muscle car looks whether you are cruising the motorway or making your way from traffic light to traffic light in Solihull with the throbbing V8 giving out a constant audible theme rumble making a trip to the shops an adventure in itself. 

Traditional Fastback or Convertible is the choice – whatever takes your fancy really as both are good though the fastback is more responsive to drive.

This car has presence. In fastback form it still maintains its rugged, poised looks but the addition of some rather unsubtle creases down the side and scoops in the bonnet plus quad exhausts and celebrity sized rear end makes it stand out from the crowd – in a good way! The finishing touch, on the V8 at least, is the “5.0” chrome engine size emblazoned  just behind the wheel arches – it doesn’t matter who you are, very few will own or drive a 5 litre car and here is one that is accessible to most.

Engine and ride

The best thing about the Mustang is that Ford decided to give us the big boy 5 litre V8 in right hand drive as well as the more practical 2.3 litre 4 cylinder EcoBoost. In the original 2016 model the V8 will do 0-62 in about 4.8 seconds and the 4 cylinder does the same in about 5.8 seconds.

If you really really like Mustangs though, go for the V8 as its soundtrack is everything it’s meant to be and who knows for how much longer you will be able to buy a normally aspirated 5 litre V8 engine, especially one for not much more than £42k! One advancement is the new 10 speed automatic gearbox which is impressive when fitted to the V8 and it does a great job of controlling and harnessing the massive 444Bhp you get from this monster engine while the six piston front Brembo brakes and the standard limited slip differential make sure you can tame the beast.

The 2.3 litre EcoBoost also has its admirers though as it weighs substantially less and is more responsive through corners, especially when in fastback form. The standard 19” black alloys also look the business on either the V8 or the EcoBoost versions. The new (optional) MagnerRide dampers are there to provide a more refined ride and they sure are welcome where the new Mustang weights a fair bit, preferring steel in the most part to lighter metals making the lightest of new Mustangs still over 1700 Kgs.

Special mention also goes to the limited edition Mustang Bullitt in Highland Green to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Steve McQueen movie of the same name. In addition to the natty Green and Bullitt moniker it also has a cue ball gear shift and an extra 14Bhp thanks to a larger air filter and all new exhaust.


If you are expecting German interior quality at this price then the Mustung will be found somewhat wanting though it’s by no means poor quality with only a few plasticy trims giving the game away. That said, the 2018 update gives you a whole bunch of kit, including: a 12” LCD instrument cluster, selectable driving modes ( Normal, Mymode, Snow/Wet, Sport+ and the wonderfully named Track and Drag mode). 

You also get Pre-collision control and adaptive cruise control with a heated steering wheel and a neat Ford SYNC 8” colour touchscreen with all the usual connectivity and lane departure warning with lane keeping aid keep you on the straight and narrow.

What also sets this Mustang apart is that rear occupants are not just a footnote in that the Mustang is a relatively comfortable car to be driven in though its not built for giants in the back and frankly 2 in the back is the most you can expect. 

Ford Mustang GT Interior


If you are opting for the V8 then look away now because you aren’t likely to get even 25 miles to the gallon though the EcoBoost does do better with around 30 miles per gallon but then what you loose at the pump you will gain on the price where the Mustang must rate as one of the best value cars in the UK Market – who thought that would be a reality!? When it comes to CO2 emissions, you can expect about 199 g/km of CO2 for the EcoBoost and as high as 285 g/Km for the Convertible 5 Litre so no David Attenborough award there then. Still, it is awful quick and did we mention it has an amazing soundtrack?


The new Mustang is a winner, whichever option you choose, convertible or fastback, V8 or 4 cylinder. It looks like it should, it drives better than ever and the glorious V8 is hard to beat for value with a whole stack of extras that make the Mustang one of the best value cars in the UK today. Oh… the new Mustang also sounds like John Wayne on the pull: Confident, Loud and Proud.

Ford Mustang GT

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