Hippo Prestige stocks Aston Martin DB9

We all know Aston Martin have a great reputation for making well-built and extremely stylish luxury cars. The DB9 is just that, along with many others such as the DBS and the unmistakable DB5.
There are few cars on the roads today that match the class and elegance of the DB9. It’s definitely a jaw dropping vehicle and one that is so beautiful it’s enough to make any other road user envious.
Inside, it’s clear the DB9 is an Aston Martin from its beautiful hand stitched leather trim, high quality fit and materials and the overall finish of the vehicle. Although the cabin of the DB9 is fairly simple we think it shouldn’t be any other way. For a small four seater sports carit’s surprisingly spacious inside and very comfortable. Perhaps not as much in the back but the front. From the exterior you’d be forgiven for thinking the DB9 has nothing more than just two seats so the back seats are a bonus.

What Car said ‘Gorgeous looks coupled to searing performance from the sonorous V12 engine, and there’s huge pull from low revs. The cabin in the Aston Martin DB9 is a bespoke, sumptuous place to be and the seats are superbly comfortable’.
I’m sure no one would turn down a ride in the DB9, especially those of you who are looking for an exciting and thrilling one. With a 5.9l engine you’ll get nothing less. It’s happy whether you are whizzing down a German motorway at 150mph or on a twisty Lancashire country road. The DB9 can reach 62mph in just 4.6 seconds, a little behind the Bentley Continental GT but still ridiculously quick. Even though the DB9 is nippy, it doesn’t come at an expense as you are still guaranteed a comfortable and enjoyable journey to wherever it is you may be speeding off too.
The Aston Martin DB9 comes well equipped with built in sat-nav, power assisted steering, air-con, electric windows, full black leather seats, memory driver’s seat, remote central door locking and some incredibly eye catching, 19 inch diamond cut alloy wheels.
In terms of reliability, it doesn’t disappoint. Because it’s based on tried-and-tested mechanicals, any problems have quickly been improved and sorted. To ensure you are completely safe the DB9 comes with traction control, electronic stability control, air bags and side-impact protection.
Let’s be honest, the DB9’s 5.9l V12 engine defiantly isn’t going to be winning any fuel awards soon. But, the DB9 itself is worth paying that little bit more for running costs.
All in all the DB9 is an impressive coupe which is certainly worth the money. So, get yourself down to Hippo Motor Group now with £69,950 to purchase your very own Aston Martin DB9 V12.

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