Hippo Prestige Stocks McLaren 12c

A few weeks back the Hippo Prestige team arranged for a fantastic McLaren 12c to be brought into stock for a repeat customer of the group. This week we saw another incredible 12c arrive into our showroom and we love it!

The Prestige team stock some fantastic vehicles ranging from BMW’s right up to regular appearances from top of the range Aston Martin’s and Porsche’s but the McLaren 12c oozes something a little bit different.

At over £134,000 for the privilege of driving this monster it is out of the price range for the majority of people but it is definitely one of the ‘I’d buy that if I won the lottery’ kind of purchases.

The McLaren 12c has been regularly featured by TopGear and the 12c reaps praise each time the presenters take to the leather seats. Their love for the Ferrari 458 was put to the test in 2011 when they went head to head with the latest model of the 12c which ran out an eventual winner on the track for speed and extreme comfort with the exquisite traction control making light work of the TopGear track.

With a top speed of 207mph and a massive 592bhp the McLaren clearly offers the power on paper, it also looks like a super car but does that mean you compromise on the interior?

We firmly believe not! The interior design is sleek, minimal and incredibly modern. The first thing you see when you peer inside the gull wing doors the centre of the controls are the first thing you notice. Within the central console you find a touchscreen that allows you to control every aspect the 12c’s entertainment, media and communications system and according to McLaren the vehicle delivers a ‘fully immersive surround-sound.

The other controls are reminiscent of a futuristic space ship that baffle the standard vehicle driver in me but for the driver of these vehicles can immerse themselves in a cabin that is worlds apart from most vehicles.

As well as a fantastic looking interior you can be assured that the seating is just as comfortable. This may seem like a given for £130,000 but a lot of super car manufacturers can neglect general comfort in place of more speed. McLaren however have got the balance right and the heated, half-leather seats are a delight!

In Carbon Black the 12c in the showroom looks fantastic and with only 100 miles on the clock you know the massive 3.8 engine has loads more to give! You can see our McLaren 12c online here or in the showroom.

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