Lamborghini Huracan VS Ferrari 458 Italia

When it comes to Italy, there are two car firms that stand out from the rest. The wild and boisterous Lamborghini with its raging bull emblem and roaring V10s & V12s and the elegant and fast Ferrari that embody the soul of what makes a car great. When it comes to the smaller siblings of both the big Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari F12, the Huracan and the 458 Italia are amazing cars in their own right.

So let’s begin with the looks: Both these cars as with their makers have very different ideas when it comes to style. Lamborghini have made the Huracan look aggressive, striking and filled with character. The Ferrari 458 Italia looks elegant, poised and sensational.

Engine & Performance

This is the place where Lamborghini and Ferrari make their real differences known.

The Ferrari 458 Italia comes with a 4.5-litre V8 petrol engine, which develops 597 bhp. The prancing pony can gallop from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and keep galloping all the way up to an impressive 202mph.

When it comes to the fighting bull, the Huracan has a signature V10 engine throwing out 610 bhp. This charging bull can also reach 202mph top speed, but can charge from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Both the pony and the bull very close together, but the bull is just a little faster in that initial charge.

Both some with 7-speed automatic gearboxes, however whilst the Ferrari 458 Italia comes with rear-wheel drive, the Lamborghini Huracan has a four-wheel drive system, ensuring that all wheels are planted firmly on the road.

Inside the cabin

When it comes to the interior of both the Lamborghini and the Ferrari, you should expect luxury, expensive materials, polished metals and an all-round superb place to sit.

In the 458 Italia, everything around you feels handcrafted and modern. This includes the incredibly comfy, sport seats and the alcantara and carbon fibre layout with bespoke stitched leather. Everything especially the steering wheel feels more driver focused in the 458 Italia – On the steering wheel you have everything you need.

When it comes to the Huracan, you get what you expect for the price you pay. There is high quality soft leather on almost all surfaces and the centre console featuring fabulous toggle switches. Because the Lamborghini has a flappy paddle automatic gearbox, the paddles are positioned perfectly behind the wheel.

The visibility in both cars is excellent and both cars have all the standard equipment like air-conditioning, sat-navs and much more.

The Drive

When it comes to Lamborghini and Ferrari, the purpose of the driver focused supercars is the drive itself.

The Huracan offers incredible power from its V10 engine making it one of the fastest point to point cars on the market and the ride is extremely supple thanks to its updated dampers. The four-wheel drive system offers incredible amounts of traction with huge amounts of grip, allowing you to throw the Huracan into a corner and still remain in control (just). It comes with carbon ceramic brakes that are fantastic and feel great when used.

When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Italia, this car is known for being the best handling mid-engine supercar on the market. It handles amazingly at all speeds, feeling smooth and agile and it still delivers that importantly comfortable ride.

The Huracan and the 458 Italia are two of the best performance cars in the UK and to choose between is down to whether you want to madness of the Lamborghini or the elegance of the Ferrari. There are great prestige cars for sale and whilst these two are seen as the best in their class of supercar, there are others that can be easily considered.

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