Meet Hippo Prestige’s Car Buyer – Andrew Radiven

What made you first get into what you now do?

I’m sure you could’ve guessed this one but I really have always had a huge passion for cars. From a young age, I was obsessed with the motoring world. Car toys, car video games, car shows, anything car-related and I was all over it.

So, what exactly does being the car buyer at Hippo consist of?

Kind of what it says on the tin really, I buy up to and sometimes over 400 cars per month, from Skodas to Ferraris. These are the cars that then go into stock across our different brands: Hippo Leasing, Hippo Prestige and Hippo Motor Finance.

Interesting, talk us through your typical day…

Most days are spent searching for stock, making sure where we are buying from is somewhere we can trust, followed by negotiating a deal. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

What are the perks and downfalls of being Hippo’s only car buyer?

Perks – every day is different, different cars from different places

Downfalls – trying to always get cars that our customers will want and making sure stock levels are always maintained can sometimes be stressful.

How many lucky years have you spent as a car buyer at Hippo Motor Group?

4 years and I’ve loved every second of the ride!

In all your years here, how many cars have you bought?

I lost count soon after my first month at Hippo but my near-to-expert maths skills would say over 15,000.

What was the first car you ever bought?

An apple green Vauxhall Corsa VXR. At the time I thought it’d be the best car I’d ever buy, little did I know…

What’s your favourite car you’ve bought?

A recent buy actually, one that’s still in stock, the Ferrari 458 Speciale Ab. Stunning.

The most expensive?

One I’ll never forget – a McLaren 675LT worth £350,000.

And, the last one you bought?

A Mercedes CLA 200 CDI Sport in Calcite White.


Any interesting or famous people you’ve bought a car from?

Quite a few big names from the sporting and business worlds. But most interestingly, a young lady from TIME’s 100 Most Influential People In History. No names mentioned because a good car buyer never buys and tells.

Any tips for car buying customers (other than choosing Hippo)?

You should feel relaxed in where you’re buying from, anywhere that makes you feel pressured is a big no-no.

Some would say you have the ‘dream job’. But, what would your dream job be if you weren’t a car buyer?

This one’s easy, a Formula One racing driver. A better looking Lewis Hamilton maybe?

Dream car?

The very best – Bugatti Chiron.

That’s all for now Andrew, back to buying cars.

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