Mercedes AMG GT S Review

For over a decade, Mercedes have built some of the top supercars on the market. They have continued this trend with the Mercedes AMG GT model. This car has been highly rated by reviewers, getting a 9/10 score from Top Gear Magazine.  Praise has been heaped upon it for good reason.

We have a Mercedes AMG GT S Premium in stock and we want to tell you all about it. Our model was launched in 2015 in a brilliant metallic blue with black trim. It has 19-inch 10-spoke front allow wheels and 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels.

Beneath the bonnet

Mercedes supercars are famous for their large engines, power output and speed. This model is no different. It has a four-litre turbocharged V8 developing 510 bhp. It is paired with an automatic gearbox, which allows for swift, smooth transmissions to help you accelerate without concern.

This brute of an engine gives this car a top speed of 193 mph and sprints from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. This car doesn’t know what the word slow means. Fuel efficiency isn’t high on the list of priorities with this car. It has a combined fuel economy of 30.1 mpg, an urban fuel economy of 23 mpg and an extra-urban economy of 36 mpg.

Inside the belly of the beast

In the model that preceded this one, the Mercedes SLS, you had to pass under some impressive gullwing doors to get into the car. Now whilst these were very impressive they were also cumbersome in car parks and generally rather heavy. With this car, Mercedes has returned to normal doors to the joy of everyone. They are easier to use in car parks and in general, make it easier for you to climb in and out of this car.

When you do slip inside the GT, you will be pleased with how comfortable and well designed it is. You will feel as if it has been designed especially for you. It is fully driver focused with the low slung drivers position hugging you in. Everything including the steering wheel is made from top quality materials and leather. The dashboard has bits of carbon fibre and aluminium that give it that superb finish.  The seats are comfortable for long journeys as well, allowing this car to claim that grand tourer status.

Controlling the beast

Mercedes’s supercars have long been some of the most comfortable cars on the market. This AMG GT is no different. Whether it be on the motorway or on twisty country roads this car is well damped and comfortable. The ride is well balanced, allowing it to have excellent body control and insane amounts of grip for when you hit those corners. The brakes are smooth with immense stopping power to ensure you can stop when you want to stop.

It is a worthy prestige car to be considered if you are looking for a top quality, efficient, sleek and fast grand tourer. We have the model in stock here.

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