Most people upgrade to the M-Sport on the BMW 4 Series

The 4 Series BMW model range is essentially the Coupe version of the BMW 3 Series saloon. As such, it was already standing on the shoulders of an Auto model giant. We love the 4 Series for its class, its accessibility and it’s downright good value in a condensed field of (mostly German) competitors.

Available as a 2 door Coupe, Convertible or alternatively as a 4 door Gran Coupe, the 4 Series has a wide variety of engine choices in petrol and diesel, right up to the more exciting M-Sport variants.

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe


Being based on the 3 Series means it shares the same basic features, but the Series 4 is noticeably broader, wider and lower in stance; the 4 Series is 26mm longer, 43mm wider and 16mm lower than the 3 Series. The wheelbase is increased by 50mm to 2810mm, and the front and rear tracks have been enlarged by 45mm and 81mm to 1545mm and 1593mm respectively. This translates into a car with feline-like poise and presence along with improved performance and handling.

The 4 Series is one of the most practical coupes in its class, offering good all-round visibility, odds and sods storage aplenty, a decent-sized boot (445 litres) and genuine space for four. The folding metal roof Convertible and the Coupe come in the form of a  two-door 4 Series, and the Gran Coupe is the lankier looking four-door version.


If you are a fan of the 3 Series, and very few are not, then you’re not going to be disappointed with the inside of the 4 Series as its almost exactly the same!

The German designers have clearly reasoned that they don’t need to mess with much. Car manufacturers have been grappling with how to translate everything that modern cars can do into easy to access benefits, often with less than stellar results- Mercedes Touchpad, we are looking at you! So it’s a pleasure to use the BMW iDrive menu which not only does what its supposed to do but does it in a manner that’s intuitive and makes it exceptionally easy to use the likes of the telephone or navigation systems.

BMW 4 Series Interior

The front seats are a good place to be, and the rear ones are accessible enough and offer decent levels of comfort. This is actually the stand out Coupe in its class for rear passengers where it will quite happily accommodate 2 full sized adults – even ones on the large size – and that is not a given in a Coupe. If you need even more space in the back, you also have the choice of  the 4-door Gran Coupe.

There are two trim levels to choose from M-Sport and Sport with the M Sport being the most popular in the UK market place. The entry-level Sport trim gets  a nice gloss black exterior trim, natty dual chrome exhausts, 18” alloys, parking sensors and the now expected LED headlights. On the inside, the new Series has dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, a Dakota leather upholstery, interior ambient LED interior lighting and the aforementioned, the stand out iDrive infotainment system previously mentioned complete with: DAB radio, Satellite Navigation, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, a 6.5” screen and BMW’s online services to boot.

BMW 4 Series 6.5″ Screen

When you upgrade to the M-Sport – as most people do – you get sumptuous sports suspension, the weapons grade body kit and some nice interior touches such as M Sport door sills and a notable M Sport steering wheel complete with BMW’s Professional Media pack. 

Well worth a mention is the M4 which is a fair bit more money and you can choose between a standard or competition pack where the standard is still a good choice with 19” alloys, adaptive suspension, quad exhausts and an 8.8” iDrive display plus a handy wireless charging doc. Makes you wonder why every luxury vehicle just doesn’t install wireless chargers as standard these days. 

The competition pack increases the wheel diameter by an inch and you get more driving aids like superior traction control and an active diff. 

Go the whole hog and you have the M4 GTS which are relatively rare so you will stand out with the ceramic brakes, sumptuous leather and a specially tuned dual clutch gearbox to get off the line that much quicker.


What engine would you like? BMW probobally have one for you whatever it is.

From the 326 Bhp BMW 440i which crams in high precision injection and what BMW call “TwinScoll” turbocharger technology ( which increases low end torque and power) into the 6 cylinder petrol engine shooting the 440i from 0-60 in 5 seconds through to the obligatory 420d with its amazing allround combination of power (181 Bhp),  frugality (a claimed 50mpg) green credentials (around 124g/km of CO2) and reasonable pace ( 0-62 mph in 7.5 seconds). The 420d sells the most of all the 4 series models where its all round spec makes for the most popular choice.

Bottom line, there is something for everyone with a 248bhp 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 430i petrol or a 3.0 litre 255Bhp diesel in the form of the 430d. If you are happy with diesel then the 430d makes an excellent choice with its blend of luxury to go with loads of torque and a 0-62 time of only 5.5 seconds.

In terms of drive train, the 8 speed auto is a pleasure to drive and BMW have produced one of the all time best automatic gearboxes with the 8 speed which is both economical and makes it very easy to harness whatever powered engine you choose. The manual 6 speed is not far behind however and those that like to feel more in touch with the engine will enjoy its solid and precise action.

The 4 Series BMW is a real crowd pleaser and has that excellent blend of looks, precision and engine choice that’s hard to beat with some stand out diesel engines plus Sporty options that get the blood pumping and make the 4 series a natural choice for those that want a Coupe, Convertible or a Grand Tourer that delivers on all fronts.

BMW 4 Series Coupe

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