Stunning enhancement never ends in the C Class Mercedes-Benz

The ever-popular Mercedes C Class range is ravishing on UK roads and often makes it into Top 10 best seller lists in the motor world.

For all-round sophistication, stunning and refined looks, choice of shape, up-to-date-tech and a cracking range of engines, it’s hard to beat the Mercedes C Class for value and all-round driveability.

Choose from an elegant lineup of bespoke Saloons, Estates, Cabriolets or Coupes. The much heralded AMG range is a real win for those who want good looks as well as engine muscle. The hybrid C300h and plug-in C350e ranges are in the lead for those with economy or the environment at the forefront of their mind.

With their sleek, upmarket cabins, confident and stylish looks and powerful yet smooth engines, the C Class makes a worthy case for a front-running combination of style, presence, engine, safety and outright choice of any of the big German brands. 2018 also saw a major facelift with a new stable of even more efficient engines and a bunch of new technologies to match the “Never Stop Improving” motto in their tagline.

Mercedes include a huge selection of equipment for both safety and luxury, so much so that it has been referred to as the “baby S Class”, and that’s not surprising considering that it shares much of the interior design from the larger E Class and S Class models.

All Mercedes Benz C Class cars have the understated Mercedes style and the solid, reassuring driving feel that comes standard with any car bearing the famous 3-pointed star. Mercedes C Class body styles are often a default choice, simply click on the link to see our fantastic deals.

The Mercedes C Class Saloon

Travel on any motorway in the UK and it will not even have been five minutes before you see a (normally black, often 220d)) C class Saloon gliding up the outside lane. The Mercedes C Class Saloon works on so many levels and it is a hub of sporty style and pure driving pleasure wherever you go. The car is compact but still reasonably spacious, it eats miles on the motorway, but it also shows off your sophistication on the school run. and it looks good wherever you go but is not over the top ostentatious. Is it any wonder that around 20% of all Mercedes sold are C Class Mercedes and that the 4th generation continues to sell in bulk?

Models range from the entry-level C 180 SE to the ever-popular C 200 d SE and C220d SE (even in these times of diesel strife), plus some weightier C Class Mercs in the form of the C 43, the C 63 and the top of the range C63 S Saloon. The power output for the C 63 S at 510 Bhp is hard to take in, but it’s the likes of the C 200 d which is the big seller as it combines 160 Bhp with only 113g/km of CO2 emissions, plus nearly 60 miles per gallon of efficiency.

The ride quality on the new C Class Saloon is even better than the previous version and it’s probably the most comfortable in its class. You can even go one step further by adding optional Airmatic air suspension.

Trim levels range from the SE through to the AMG but all C Class Mercedes Saloons get the new, cracking 10.25” infotainment system as standard. You can also upgrade to the 4Matic 4 wheel drive system (standard on the C 43) though the handling and cornering on the standard models is still very good.

The Mercedes C Class Saloon is always a good choice, simply click on the link to see our fantastic deals.

The Mercedes Benz C Class Estate

Mercedes, BMW, Audi…this holy trinity is the same one that keeps coming back to when you are looking for a premium, mid size Estate, with a decent level of spec and an array of engines, which is suitable for ferrying the family around.

The Mercedes Benz C Class Estate is a class-leading station wagon, possibly edging this select group in the Estate car stakes and shades the increasingly popular Volvo Estates. The car has got Mercedes guaranteed quality, distinguished lines and detailing on the outside, trim and engine choice aplenty and proven reliability.

Mercedes-Benz C Class Diesel Estate C200D Sport 5DR and more with Hippo Leasing

A lot of what makes the C Class Estate shine has been filtered down from the new and dazzling S Class, so you can expect active cruise control, 4 integrated cameras giving you 360 degree round vision and a pre-safe collision system designed to protect all who travel in its spacious cabin.

There are 18 engine versions in total, but the most popular is the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder diesel fitted to the 220d with its nine-speed automatic gearbox and optional 4 wheel drive and a  0-62 mph time of 7.9 seconds, plus fuel efficient running towards 70 mpg. The C350e Estate is also worth a special mention as it combines its petrol engine with a sprightly electric motor to get up to 134.5 mpg and it’s also surprisingly quick with a 0-62 mph time of 6.2 seconds.

The Mercedes C Class Estate is always a good choice simply click on the link to see more special offers.

The Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

The new C Class Cabriolet is beautiful to look at from any angle and it’s just as well as the competition is stiff, with both the Audi A5 Cabriolet and the BMW 4 series cabriolet also making a bid to be recognised as the fairest of them all in the medium-sized cab class.

The Mercedes C Class Cabriolet range has grown and grown over the years and now, there is a choice of 8 trims and 15 engines to choose from – almost enough to create great confusion were it not for the fact that there isn’t a bad one amongst them.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class AMG Cabriolet C63 Premium Plus 2DR 9G Tronic:

Choose from 10 colours including Cashmere White and Selenite Grey

Speaking of engines, you get  to choose an engine combination, which ranges from a 2.0-litre petrol through to a 4.0 litre monster in the form of the C63 that will do 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds!

The C Class Cabriolet has a definite advantage over the competition in that it shares many components with the undoubted Merc Cabriolet flagship, the S Class Cabriolet. This advantage comes from the fact that it can piggyback on all of the kit developed originally for the S class such as intelligent drive (which enables active distance assist), active steering assist, active lane assist and the clever route based speed adaptation which automatically reduces speeds at T-junctions and roundabouts.  

The C Class Cabriolet also has “Aircap” (wind deflector) and “airscarf” (hot air aimed at your neck and head) to ensure that not only do you look the part in your new cabriolet, but that you won’t freeze doing so.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabriolet C180 AMG Line 2DR

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The Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

The new Mercedes C Class Coupe has a lot of completion from within its own stable and it’s easy to see how both the E Class and S Class Coupes could have overshadowed their more diminutive sibling. However, the truth is that since motoring onto the scene, the new C Class Coupe has carved out its own space using its own good looks and presence.

The Mercedes C Class Coupe parks itself above its competitors for connectivity and tech, with an optional heads up display which reflects important information, Android and IOS integration, a wireless charging system, plus a class-leading, all-digital instrument display panel with super clear images that you can display in Classic, Sports and Progressive views.Don’t forget the new Command Online tech, which is an upscale sat nav that gives you intelligent danger warnings and proactively helps you to avoid traffic jams.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class C 250 D AMG Line (2016) in available in Polar White

with Leather Black sport interior

The most frugal (and most popular) engine is the 220d, which gives just over 190hp but still delivers nearly 62 mpg in fuel efficiency.  For those into more serious engines, there is the C63 or the C63 S with over 500 bhp where both are big V8 engines that deliver gut-wrenching speed from their twin turbos.

The Mercedes C Class Coupe is always a good choice simply click on the link to see our fantastic deals.

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