Introducing the 2019 BMW X3M and X4M

BMW have semi-unveiled two new performance SUVs for the first time – the X3M and X4M. While not entirely complete, the German carmaker has issued a series of images of the anticipated models wearing a skin of camouflage ahead of their public debut at Nurburgring this weekend.

As can be seen behind the stickers, the X3M has taken on the Porsche Macan Turbo, while the X4M holds strong similarities with the Mercedes AMG GLC 63 Coupe.

BMW X3M and X4M under the bonnet

Official performance, power and torque figures have not yet been released but no doubt our high expectations will be fulfilled. All BMW M have confirmed is to expect an engine with a turbocharged unit with high-revving characteristics. We expect a bhp of over 425bhp, similar to the BMW M3 Saloon.

In the X3M and X4M, the engine will be teamed up to an eight-speed automatic transmission and a specific version of the M xDrive performance-oriented all-wheel-drive system that BMW M introduced in the new M5. The system splits the torque between the front and rear axles as well between the rear wheels.

Set apart from the crowd

The new cars can be distinguished apart from their standard equivalents through a number of sporty touches, including:

  • Larger air intakes at the front of the vehicle
  • M optimised aerodynamic parts
  • The obligatory exhaust system with four tailpipes as found on other M cars

Find a sneak preview of the BMW X3M and X4M here.

We expect a full reveal of the X3M and X4M at the end of 2018, followed by sales starting in later 2019 meaning they should arrive as 2020 models.

Ludicrously Luscious M Town

Whether you’re in the market for a special BMW, or just an M division fanatic keeping up with the M world. We introduce you to M Town.

BMW’s M division recently released the official digital empire that’s inhabited by BMW M owners and enthusiasts. And yes, this is your invite to join. Register as a citizen by creating your own M Pass ID here. You will have access to all of M Town and the chance to share your own experiences.

Once you have joined the community, the true M experience begins… Hashtag #M_Town or #MNation and your post will appear on the Community Map – a digital map of the M world. Head to the official site and click through dozens of photos in various areas of the world, linking to the Instagram posts you and your fellow M family are posting. BMW’s M Division believes the campaign will bring owners from around the globe together in one digital sanctuary. As a member, you can expect merchandise and other exclusive surprises.

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