New Cars In Our Prestige Showroom

Fancy treating yourself to one of our gorgeous prestige cars? Why not take a look at some of the incredible new vehicles that we’ve recently acquired? These are some of the top prestige cars in the UK, and are definitely worth getting your hands on while they’re still in our Blackburn showroom.

McLaren 675Lt Coupe Auto
The McLaren 675LT is a huge step up from the 650S, which is impressive considering it was already one of the best in its class. It just goes to show that by removing some weight from the car design, its ability in every other area seems to shoot up. This reduction in weight, combined with a bunch of other fine-tuned adjustments to the engine, brakes, steering and chassis, means that the final product is drastically better than previous models. The McLaren 675 has a gorgeous grey-blue colour, with a distinctive orange stripe, and can get from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Porsche Macan D S Pdk
When it comes to interior quality, no one does it better than Porsche. Built to an incredibly high standard, the interior has been classily strewn with buttons, thick metal trim and switchgear, which are all effortlessly fun and easy to use. The low seating position really makes you feel like you’re in a top-notch sportscar, and the 918 Spyder-inspired steering wheels sits ready and waiting. However, the Macan also doubles as a fantastic family car, with a quiet and refined engine; and despite the sloping roofline, there is ample space in the back for passengers. To top it off, the 500-litre boot is highly useful, and even-more so when the rear-seats are folded for a 1500-litre capacity.

BMW 2002 Turbo 2002
Launched in 1973 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 2002 Turbo was BMW’s very first turbocharged production car, and also the first turbocharged car in Europe. The Turbo was produced for the 1973/74 season only, making this an incredibly rare and excellent find. Only 1672 were ever made, and all of them left-hand drive only. So if you’re considering getting yourself this charming and charismatic classic, then make sure to pop into our showroom before it disappears.

Audi TT TFSI Quattro Sport (2014)
If you’re looking for a car that exudes the highest level of quality, then the TT Sport will definitely hit the spot, as the sleek interior is one of the best Audi has produced so far. The Quattro drivetrain and automatic gearbox are outstandingly efficient, and are a truly powerful combination, with a maximum torque from between 1600rpm to 4300rpm. The TT Sport gives drivers some quick and sharp gear changes; although staying in automode will offer a relaxed and refined drive if you prefer. The TT can tackle any obstacle, weather or occasion thrown at it, with a charming exhaust noise and vibrant red exterior. A must-have, for that all-inclusive sportscar experience. 

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