How things have changed in the Mercedes Benz GLC

When the first batches of SUV’s arrived around 20 years ago, they were all styled as big boxy shaped vehicles, much like oversized estates on a pick-up truck frame. They were generally rather “un-sporty” and definitely “utility” with a focus on practicality and an obsession with ride height rather than desirable all rounders.

How things have changed!

Gone is the boxiness of old and most SUV’s are now rather svelte in appearance and come with a variety of engines that most definitely can be classed as sporty.

Most of the current SUV’s in the upper value class have adopted the Coupe look for their styling, where the BMW X6 lead the way, which allows for these vehicles to become somewhat of a crossover 4×4 estate, with superior internal appointments, and performance.

The 2019-2020 Mercedes Benz GLC follows this trend but you can always be assured that Hippo Prestige also has a number of used and nearly new GLC’s in stock which you can find here and we look to point out some of the differences between the original GLC and the new version below.


You still have two body styles to choose from with the release of the new version. There’s a five door SUV or the Coupe hatchback which does reduce some of the rear load space, but is considered better looking by most.


The general interior equipment on the new GLC is mostly borrowed from the updated specifications of the 2019 C Class and the chassis is an adapted Merc C Class framework.

The new GLC is characterised by lots of technology at the top end, with a five and a half inch screen in the instrument panel, touch sensitive panel on the steering wheel, loads of sub menus to trawl through, and that’s before you get to play with the main infotainment touch screen which is front and centre in the GLC.

You also have the in-vehicle  “MBUX” system, a sort of vehicle “Alexa”, which you call up by saying “Hey Mercedes” anytime, as it is permanently on whilst you’re keyed in. This assistant allows you to enquire about a number of vehicle operations and select control and infotainment options and to navigate whilst driving so you don’t have to fiddle with the touch screens. Once you get used to talking to your car, it’s actually quite a useful addition.

You can also get “Mercedes me connect”, which amongst other standard services such as emergency calls, maintenance management, notification of parking time left etc, gives you all sorts of other great services. You can lock, unlock and track your car from anywhere in the world. You can geographically fence you car to an area and receive notification of movement from there. You can also locate your car within a one mile parked area. All of the above pales into insignificance when you wake up on a cold February morning and you remotely control your in-car climate conditioner so that you can defrost the windscreen and warm the car up for you without leaving the house!

17 inch rims are standard for the entry levels (19 inch in the mid ranges and 20 inch on the top of the range GLC63S) and  all GLC’s have electrically adjustable front seats, the same as in the C Class, with 4 way adjustable lumbar support to really make you comfy, a real boon for those that do a lot of miles.

There is also a reversing camera and electrical tailgate plus climate control. You can count on folding mirrors, Sat Nav, LED headlights and heated front seats in the Sports models, plus parallel parking assist.

The AMG GLC43 series gets the bigger nineteen inch rims and sport suspension, with the usual AMG upholstery option. 

The driving position is a little lower than some other SUV’s, but still suitably high up for clear forward visibility. Rear visibility is good in the 5 Door, and correspondingly less in the Coupe which is the trade off for that gorgeous shape.

There’s plenty of head room, but less in the back of the Coupe, although still enough for tall adults, with leg room on a par with its class rivals.

The GLC also provides generous storage space all round, together with cup-holders and reasonable boot space. Back seats split down in a 40/20/40 arrangement which is useful when carrying two adults and some long items. You drop them by using one of two switches in either the back compartment or the boot area. You get retaining nets on the floor of the boot and a lockable compartment under the floor.

A key consideration when opting to wait for the new GLC or going for a nearly new or used GLC is whether the new SUV is that much better than the old one. The fact is that the existing GLC’s are extremely plush cars so with the notable exception of the infotainment system and screens there really is not much to choose between them.


Four wheel drive and an automatic gearbox is standard across the range, coupled with choices of two different 2.0 and 3.0 litre diesels, incorporated in the 220d, 250d and 350d, and petrol 2.0 litre GLC 250 and the V6 twin turbocharged 3.0 and 4.0 litre AMG’s.

The entry level diesel is around 170bhp, then up rated to 258bhp and the AMG V6 has an impressive 370bhp.

 The diesels perform quite adequately at 8.3 seconds and 7.6 seconds for 0-62mph respectively, whilst the AMG63S is blisteringly quick at 3.8 seconds. The new 2.0litre GLC250 petrol introduced recently matches the performance of the 250d so you have the advantage of choosing whatever fuel suits you best.

A nine speed automatic gearbox is standard throughout, and is smooth throughout its changes, although you can whip it around if you are a bit bored and the mood takes you.

Fuel economy is almost always relative to the size of the vehicles, and as the GLC is a fairly large SUV, don’t expect that you’ll get outstanding fuel consumption figures. While the diesels are in the low 40’s mpg range, the petrol and V6 diesel are low to mid 30’s, and the AMG63 is rated at around 27mpg on an WLTP cycle;- but realistically, probably in the low to mid 20’s.

CO2 emissions range from the relatively low 158g/km of the entry GLC220d 2.0 litre, through to 174g/km for the GLC250d, up to 270g/km for the top of the range AMG 63 and 63S.


Being a Mercedes, any safety concerns are pretty much unnecessary. All GLC’s have the Mercedes collision prevention system that will apply the brakes if it detects a possible impact with a vehicle in front. It has top marks in the NCAP Safety Test with five stars awarded. It also has been adjudged to have four stars for resisting break in, and five stars for being stolen and with the theft of luxury vehicles on the increase this is a real consideration.

The insurance groupings are very dependant on what model and options are chosen and range from possible group 28 up to group 49 reflecting the huge power and price differences in the range so be prepared for some eye watering quotes on the AMG 63 and 63S unless of course you have an impeccable insurance history..

There are so many options available throughout the new models, which accounts for the huge price range from around £37k through to £93k. There’s something for everyone but also a wide choice so check out the table below to help find the new GLC that is right for you. Please note that specs are subject to change, especially when a new model like the GLC is newly released.

Alternatively you may want to experience almost all of the advantages of the new GLC, most of which can also be found in the original GLC mode by considering a nearly new or used GLC. We always have stock of the GLC as its a very popular car at Hippo Prestige and you can expect to find a wide variety of GLC vehicles from 2.1 litre diesel GLC’s like the 250 D through to the 350 D GLC or even a gut wrenching GLC 43 or GLC 63.

It has been said that whatever technical advance you find in a new Merc, will be incorporated as standard in all other cars within ten years. If you’re a Mercedes fan or just need a classy SUV in either shape, you should really take a good look at the new GLC but if you want a bargain, please consider our excellent nearly new and used GLCs and you are sure to find some fine examples here.  Simply call us on 01254 916 450 or email us on [email protected]k today.

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