Porsche Cayman GTS – Finest Porsche On The Road?

Porsche are up there with the finest sports cars designers of all time. It is why they are continually rated high by reviewers and loved by drivers.We love it when we have a Porsche in stock and currently, we have one of their best. The Porsche Cayman GTS has been described as “one of the finest handling sports cars money can buy” by Carwow.

If you fancy a Porsche for the first time or simply wish to add another one to your collection, this is the one not to miss.

Porsche’s engine

Porsche Caymans are not slow cars by any stretch of the imagination. But with a GTS model, they are tauter, quicker machines. This model we have in stock has a 3.4-litre six-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 340 bhp. That may not seem like a lot of power compared to some of its values, but what this car doesn’t appear to have in power, it makes up for in pure ability. It has a top speed of 177 mph and sprints from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. This car is impressively quick.

Whilst it may not be a priority for you, for a sports car, this Porsche does well with fuel efficiency. It has a combined fuel economy of 31.4 mpg, which considering the speed this car can deliver is excellent. It has an extra-urban fuel economy of 40 mpg, so you’ll save money when riding the motorway and it has an urban fuel economy of 22 mpg. This is all down to Porsche aiming to deliver lower running costs for you the driver and we think it has worked well when compared with its numerous fuel guzzling rivals.

Porsche interiors

Porsche understands that it isn’t just performance that drivers are after but the complete package. That is why Porsche interiors are usually flawless and that is the same with the Cayman GTS. Inside you get black leather and Alcantara sports seats that hug you close in the corners and keep you supported throughout the drive. Everything inside it well built with luxurious leathers and materials and we particularly like the clock in the centre of the dash.

Legroom and headroom are perfect for six-foot tall adults with plenty available. You can fully adjust both your seat and steering wheel to give you the right driving position for your needs. Visibility is excellent all around the cabin, so nothing should surprise you on the road. Many premium sports cars don’t provide much practicability however, the Porsche delivers well with a 334-litres of boot capacity split between its two boots. It also has a great collection of cupholders and cubbyholes.

Porsche’s performance

We’ve discussed the engine and the interior, but now let’s talk about the part we all love when it comes to Porsches. The drive.  Porsche have really focused on making this car one of the best performing cars on the road.

They have improved the stability of the Cayman thanks to increased stiffness, allowing for less body roll. If you throw it fast into a corner, you find this Cayman GTS to be far more planted than many of its rivals. You feel secure in the knowledge that you can do almost anything with this car, and it will follow your commands to the letter. The steering is incredibly accurate and precise and the wheels have plenty of grip available to them.

This car is engaging on both normal roads and the track where you can thrash it around for hours without needing to replace the brakes or the tyres. Twisty British roads are a great place for it because you can have a fun challenge with it if you so wished.

If this Porsche Cayman GTS does tempt you, we have a beautiful one in stock now in Carrera White. Enquire with us and you can be driving away with it in no time. If you have your eye on another prestige car we have in stock, our staff can help you with that as well.

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