Surge Circuit: Did you know… founder of WhatsApp is a collector of rare Porsches??

The last few weeks have seen Porsche nut and WhatsApp founder Jan Koum meet a racing pro, Ferrari throw their first-series production hybrid in the mix, and the Venom F5 hiss in the face of electrification.

This new go-faster monthly feature for Hippo Prestige: Surge Circuit, will push the gas pedal on gathering the latest news in the supercar world for you.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the closest to a Ferrari F1 car you can experience on public roads

Ferrari have upped their ‘o la la’ or rather ‘vroom la la’ factor by unveiling their first series-production hybrid supercar: The SF90 Stradale.

At a strictly F1 drivers only event, the exclusive launch of this one in a million quicksilver car was witnessed by renowned F1 racers Sebastain Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Putting the titanium sport piped wheels and carbon fibre style racing seats to the test, the racers rolled up to the event insistent on attention, and the assertive Rossa Red and Nero Black combo comments it’s going to kick-off it doesn’t get it!

When it comes to Italian cars, FAST vaults to mind, and the F154 twin-turbocharged V8 engine on the SF90 Stradale is a sure sign of powerful performance – the car can get from 0 – 62 in 2.5 seconds. The new engine design, in which the turbocharger is mounted lower and the flywheel is smaller, results in a lower centre of gravity for exuding 769bhp, with 590lb ft of torque at 6000rpm.

See a flashback from the Stradale back to its F1 car inspiration below…

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

How much do you need for one of these?

It’s going to set you back 500,000 – 750,000 smackeroonies. Worth it for a speed of 0 – 62 in 2.5 seconds? Just think how swish you’d look in someone’s wing mirror.

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum is a collector of rare Porsches!

While most of us are busy collecting pin badges and memorabilia from the market, or washed-up seashells to decorate the bathroom with from that last holiday to Portugal, WhatsApp founder Jan Koum has a more expensive hobby – and that’s of hoarding Porsches!

Calling it quits on the popular messaging app, Koum recently sold WhatsApp for $19 billion so he could pursue his passion for cars.

In his trinket box of a garage, there are 100 of the brand’s vehicles, including the 993, 911 and GT2, which HAVE GOT to put him on Porsche’s ‘crazy superfan’ radar.

After hearing on the grapevine of Koum’s Porsche gathering, an aficionado of the brand, Troche, gift wrapped – with a pretty ribbon on top? – a fitting birthday present for him: A rally car complete with personal chauffeur! The WhatsApp expert spent the day in the passenger seat beside rally driving legend, Walter Röhrl and his precise driving won him a life-long free pass to take any of Koum’s sizeable fleet out for a spin.

The extroverted Red Metallic 993 GT2 is Röhrl’s number one

Just in case you were wondering, here’s how it looks in blue:


“If everybody is moving in one direction, I like to go the opposite way”

Said rebel racer and innovator John Hennessey, CEO at Hennessey Special Vehicles, when speaking of the electric car market. And with the Hennessey Venom F5 on his side, he can afford to brag about his unorthodox way of doing things.

The Venom F5 DOES NOT need electrification

With a 7.6-litre motor on the F5, which eats, chews then spits out 0-186mph in less than 10 seconds, John is an adamant man of tradition when it comes to his opinion on ultimate power, pinpointing the grand-tuning traditions of Colin Chapman and Carrol Shelby, and the cars they were building more than 50 years ago.

Sharp-eyed and frontal fanged, this villainous vampire of the track has convinced John that they are ““the old-school guys who believe in a maximum power to weight ratio delivered via a 1,600bhp-plus, twin-turbo V8 internal combustion engine.”

So if you were waiting up for an electric-version of the Venom F5, we’d recommend getting some shut eye…

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