The Best Of BMW

BMW have a fantastic reputation for creating some of the best luxury and prestige cars on the market. We decided to have a look some of our favourites from the range. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a luxury used BMW, take a look at our extensive stocklist. Can’t find the model you’re after? One of our account managers will help you find any make or model you’re looking for.

BMW 4 Series Convertible
The 4 Series is definitely one to consider if you’re looking for a luxury upmarket convertible. The interior has been beautifully crafted, and the level of equipment you receive is generous, even with the most basic trim. Whilst driving, the folding hard-top roof can be retracted into the 370-litre boot in just 20 seconds. This means the 4 Series isn’t the most spacious of vehicles, but it’s what you’d expect from a 2-door convertible.

BMW i8
One of the most luxurious and prestige cars from the BMW range has to be the BMW i8. The i8 is an absolutely stunning example of a petrol and electric hybrid. This futuristically styled car has a sleek aerodynamic design, low running costs, and outstanding performance; all topped off with the mesmerising butterfly opening doors. The aluminium chassis and carbon-fibre reinforced panels make it surprisingly light and strong too. With the i8 you can get 22 miles purely on the electric motor before the petrol one kicks in.

BMW 5 Series M5
Although just a saloon, the BMW 5 Series has the definite feel of a more luxurious and upmarket supercar. With high-quality materials throughout and superb levels of performance, you can tell the M5 has been carefully crafted to last. The M5 is also extremely practical, and the subtly sleek design is especially classy. The twin turbo V8 engine is extremely rapid, and the M5 can reach 62mph in just 4.3 seconds, making it absolutely thrilling and exciting to drive.

For slick, sophisticated design which stands out from the crowd, make sure you have a look at the X6. It offers some amazing performance across the board, and ticks practically every box you need. The cabin is top of the range, with plenty of equipment coming as standard. There’s also a great range of diesel and petrol engines to choose from, although we’d opt for the petrols, as they’re much brisker. The X6 also has superb body control and grip on the road, despite its large size and tall stature.

BMW Z4 Roadster
The Z4 roadster looks utterly incredible, and is also a tonne of fun to drive. Driving performance is top notch, and the Z4 also has some strong engines, a smooth and accurate ride, and handling that is more than capable. The Z4 also comes generously equipped as standard, but if you want to hold its value better, we’d recommend buying extras such as satnav, leather seats and upgraded rims. Also, the folding hard-top roof takes up a fair amount of room in the boot when retracted, so extra luggage will have to go into a small load separator.

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