The FAQ’s For Taxing Your Vehicle From 1st October

The new procedure for taxing vehicles is causing a lot of confusion amongst motorists and rightly so! An alien concept is coming to our roads and changes the way we tax our vehicles completely.

The main things to know are that you still need to tax your vehicle, the costs won’t change and, as explained by, you can tax your vehicle online using the 16 digit reference from your vehicle tax renewal reminder (V11) or 11 digit reference from your log book (V5). You can still tax your vehicle by telephone and at the Post Office, too.

Displaying a tax disc

Another important change is that you no longer need to display a tax disc. When you renew your tax online you won’t receive a paper disc and your tax status will be registered in your name rather than to your vehicle.Selling a vehicleWhen you sell your vehicle you will be refunded for the remaining tax on that vehicle and the vehicle is then sold with no tax. This is a big change for most used car buyers as they can usually rely on a car coming with a few months remaining tax.

Buying a vehicle

When you buy the vehicle you need to use the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) part of the registration certificate (V5C) online, at the Post Office or on the automated phone service.

Driving abroad

If you frequently travel throughout Europe in your vehicle you don’t need to worry about not displaying your tax disc. All members of the EU are now aware that from the 1st October British vehicles will not display tax discs.

New way to pay

You can also avoid forgetting about your tax by setting up a tax direct debit, this can be actioned for every six months or annually. You can also split the annual cost of tax over monthly payments which could be beneficial to some motorists.

What do you need to tax your vehicle

You must have valid insurance and an MOT, if your car needs one. (Info taken from Hull Daily Mail)

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