In-Depth Review: The New Range Rover

It is almost a year since the new Range Rover was launched in the UK. And like a fine wine, we wanted to give it a little time to breathe before taking a swig of what it has to offer. 

On first impressions, Land Rover has produced another masterpiece. Refined quality and elegance from wall to wall, the new Range Rover has continued its trend of being both a practical off-road SUV and a luxurious motorway cruiser. 

The Exterior

One of the biggest aesthetic changes to the new Range Rover is the front grille. 

Front of Range Rover

Taken from the newest member of the family; the Velar, and now also featuring on the 2020 Evoque, the two-toned metal weave has become a staple of the modern Range Rover. 

Elsewhere, updated front and rear headlights, new alloy wheels and a range of new paint options give the imposing beast a cleaner, crisper feel. 

Shape wise, Land Rover has changed very little. The new Range Rover is still high waisted and tapered at the rear – taking inspiration from its silhouette of old. 

The Interior

Inside the new Range Rover, again, luxury is all around you. Sitting in the new, wider, more comfortable front seats, you get a sense that this new version has taken travelling in style to the next level. 

Range Rover Interior

The seat controls are now situated on the door for easier access. There are new touchpad controls on the steering wheel. And there is even the option to include a fridge as part of your armrest to ensure your drink is always chilled. 

Everything is tailored towards making your life easier and more comfortable. 

And the infotainment system also takes the same stance. Like the Velar, you have a two-screen system covering everything from audio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, to climate control and vehicle terrain settings. 

By doing away with most of the physical controls, it creates a sleeker, more luxurious space inside – adding, even further, to the prestige feel of this vehicle. 

The Back Seats

In the back, as you would expect, there is still ample room for passengers. However, if you would like even more, Land Rover also offers a long-wheel-based version.

Range Rover backseats

Climate control, electric seats, USB ports and a three-pin charging point are also features of the rear cabin, as is, with the Autobiography spec, an electric armrest that transforms the three-seat layout into two. 

There is also the option to add heated seats, arm and calf-rests in the rear, to ensure your passengers are well taken care of. 

The Boot

As one of the Range Rovers’ USPs, you would expect the new version to come with plenty of space in the boot. And you would be right. 

With the rear seats up, there is 909 litres of space, and with them down, you can have up to 2000. 

Range Rover from the rear

The new Range Rover also comes with an electric tailgate for seating, and if you wish, you have the option to add two leather chairs which clip into the tailgate for added comfort. 

The Engine

With the new Range Rover you have a choice of five powertrains. For the first time, there is a 2-litre plug-in hybrid option, which in full-electric mode, will take you around 30 miles. 

Range Rover on the road

Alternatively, there are two 5-litre supercharged petrol V8s, a 3-litre V6 diesel, and a 4.4-litre diesel V8. 0-62 will take you anywhere from 5.4 to 7.9 seconds, depending on which engine you choose.

There is also a new gearbox; an 8-speed automatic, which is up there with the very best on the market today. 

The Verdict

Reverting back to the opening of this review, Land Rover has indeed created another masterpiece. The sense of theatre and refinement is unmatched by anything else on the roads today. 

Range Rover off-road

Off-road it is still untouchable, and back on the tarmac, you will struggle to find a more comfortable, well-trimmed, practical cruiser. 

Many have tried to topple Land Rover in the luxurious SUV market, but with this new version, it is clear the Range Rover still reigns supreme. 

Long live the King. 

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