The Rise Of Dashboard Cameras


A dashcam (or dashboard camera) is a great little device which will record your entire driving experience. Although they come in varying sizes, they are usually quite small, so they can easily fit onto your windscreen via a suction pad, or straight onto your dashboard. Some of them can even be attached onto your rear-view mirror.
The great thing about dashcams (as opposed to Go Pros or other camera devices) is that they will continuously record without you having to worry about it running out of memory. It will capture the footage of everything it sees on the road in front of you, and technically you could have the dashcam pointed in any direction you wished.
Dashcams first became popular in Russia, due to pedestrians purposely walking in front of cars for insurance scams. Now, dashcam footage can be found all over YouTube, showing clips they’ve caught such as meteor showers, aircraft/automobile crashes, and cases of road rage. Although dashcams are becoming more popular in England, they are actually banned in some parts of Europe because of personal privacy and data protection.
Even though many prestige cars in the UK have cameras installed to aid parking, you should definitely consider getting yourself a dashcam too, as they can help in a multitude of areas.



If you’re ever in the unfortunate position of being involved in a car accident, you can use the footage from your dashcam as evidence in court if needed. The footage will be able to clear up which driver was at fault, and the footage can be used for any insurance claims also.
You won’t have to worry about parking accidents or vandalism with a dashcam set up. Although most dashcams run on power from the cigarette lighter, some are battery operated, and can continue running even when your car is parked and ignition off. This way, if your luxury car gets scratched in a car park, or someone vandalises or tries to break into your car, you’ll have footage to take to the police.

Driving Habits

If you’re a new driver, coaching a new driver, or are just curious about your driving habits, then a dashcam is perfect. You can watch the footage back after a drive and see the areas in which you can improve your driving.


Finally, if you’re planning on going on holiday or taking a long road trip, then a dashcam would be a fantastic way to capture the sights and scenery for you to watch back and reminisce on later. Also it’s a great way to capture any unexpected adventures along the way!

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