Top 10 Christmas gifts for car lovers!

It’s the time of year you need to start buying your loved ones some Christmas gifts and we all know someone crazy about cars! You could treat them to one our amazing prestige cars that are currently on show in our showroom. However, if you don’t fancy spending that much money on them and then here’s some gift ideas for your favourite Petrol Head.

1. Triple Supercar Thrill Experience

This Supercar experience is sure to fill a car lover’s need for speed. This gift gives them the chance to be a passenger in three different Supercars, including, the Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari. This breath-taking experience will leave cars lovers full of adrenaline and maybe a taste for a supercar of their own! This gift is on buy a gift, prices at only £109.

This gift is on Buy a Gift, prices at only £109.

2. Personalised car mats

The personalised car mats are a great gift for motor enthusiasts, giving their car a more personal feel. You can get anything up to 20 characters embroidered onto the mat, such as, your name, your cars name or a humorous gag like “dad’s taxi”.

Priced at only £29.99, Imagine making your beautiful prestige car even more unique!

3. Parking Sensors

Reversing sensors are an excellent and practical gift. They are sure to stop the car owner from reversing into other things, therefore protecting their car! This is a gift you will definitely be thanked for.

These can be bought on Amazon, priced from only £10.

4. Private Reg

We all know someone that loves their car. Why would you love a beautiful Porsche or an incredible Aston Martin. If you are of those who loves your car, you want the world to know that you own it! A personal registration plate completes your car and ensures you can send a personal message to the World around you. And gives it the ultimate personal and stylish look.

Prices can vary from £150!

5. Dashcam

The Dashcam is a great gift as it gives the driver peace of mind. Perfect for people who love their car and wish to show off their brilliant driving and amazing road trios. It is also a great way of ensuring your car doesn’t get damaged by other drivers and if it does, you have them dead to rights! They are compact, easy to use and cheap.

There’s a range of different brands on the market, the best place to buy them is amazon, priced from only £43.95.

6. Personalised Gear Stick Cuff Links

These personalised cuff links are a great way to add some style and speed to their going out wear.

They gift the personal touch to their favourite suit, which lets everyone know just how much they love cars!


It’s a no-brainer that a SAT NAV is a good gift for anyone that loves to send time in their car. Some in car SAT NAVs struggle and a separate SAT NAV makes it easier and safer to get to places that aren’t too familiar to the driver. There’s a wide range of SAT NAV’s on the market, usually priced from around £39.99.

Argos, has a wide range of SAT NAVS in stock from a range of prices!

8. Fast Car Fund Money Jar

This personalised money box is just the gift for someone saving for their dream car! If you know someone spending their spare time looking at cars and always talking about the next car they’re going to get next, this is certain to help them reach their goal! Only priced at £19.99 it makes it a low-cost present but something that will get put into use.

9. Build your own Engine

The ‘Build your own engine’ gift is sure to keep a car enthusiast entertained for hours. It will keep you busy as it needs over 250 parts assembling. Not to mention, once the engine is complete, it will give you a sense of achievement! This is sold at Halfords for £40.

10. Auto Glym gift set

If you know a car lover, you know they like to keep their motor as clean as possible. What better gift than the ultimate car valeting set? The Auto Glym set has everything you need to get your prestige car sparkling on the inside and out. Not to mention, the set is prices from only £51 on Amazon!

So for Christmas you have two choices really. You can get one of these amazing gifts of this list or you can treat your love one to a brilliant supercar from a Prestige Car company close to Preston.

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