Top 5 Most Attractive Supercars

When it comes to prestige cars, many people are looking for a thrilling ride, classy cabin and high levels of performance. However, they’re also after a car that looks and sounds attractive. That’s why we’ve picked out the most attractive cars from around the world. None of these take your fancy? Don’t worry, because you can have a look at the rest of our prestige car sales stocklist and find your perfect luxury prestige car.

Aston Martin DB10
Look at any Aston Martin, and you’re instantly reminded of the Bond films. The DB10 however, is one of the best, and featured in the new Bond film Spectre. Sleek, smart, classy and deadly, the luxurious DB10 was first unveiled to the public in 2014 by the directors of Spectre, as they continued on the tradition of featuring Aston Martins in all Bond films. Only 10 of the DB10 model were ever made, so getting your hands on one may be tricky! The DB10 does however give us a hint to the future designs from Aston Martin

Bugatti Veyron
One of the best-known supercars on the market currently is the Veyron, which is a motor that reaches the epitome of flawless design and luxury. On top of this, the interior is surprisingly comfortable; so you can recline and relax whilst travelling at 254mph. Only 450 of the Bugatti Veyron were ever made, and production has now stopped, making these rare beauties even more desirable.

Lamborghini Aventador
The Aventador is a motor we definitely couldn’t leave off the list, due to its huge popularity. Innovative technology, low stance and weight, and enhanced aerodynamic style make up everything that is the gorgeous Aventador. As well as this, the Aventador is powered by a v12 engine producing 750 horsepower, getting it from 0 to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds. Topped off with the incredible interior and classically striking yellow exterior, there’s no doubt that the Aventador is a truly beautiful machine.

Koenigsegg Regara
Plenty of supercars these days stick to tried and tested formulas, but the Regara is really one to break the mould, especially with its extra modern and futuristic design. The hybrid car was only revealed for the first time last year during the Geneva Motor Show, and only 80 units were made in total. This means that each one fetches for roughly $1.9 million! We can’t blame them though, especially after looking the hypnotic door design and Autoskin

Ferrari 458
Last but not least, our list wouldn’t be complete without including a spectacular number from Ferrari. When it comes to beautiful and sensually designed cars, no one does it better than Ferrari. Our favourite model is the 458, which has been supremely though out when it comes to dynamic styling; from the sleek sporty exterior, to the classy and sumptuous interior. The whole thing oozes panache and charm, as well as boasting a first-rate driving experience.  

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