Top 5 Must Have Gadgets

If you’re the type of person who enjoys driving in luxury and style, then it’s important that you have some of the best gadgets to hand. We’ve had a look at some of the top gadgets for your car that money can buy, and are great if you like to drive in luxury. If you’re still looking for the perfect car to enhance your driving experience, then have a look at our prestige car sales and find the best car for you.

Navigation System
Most drivers these days have some form of navigation device. Whether it’s a Satnav, phone app or a navigation option on the infotainment system, it’s an essential gadget to have. Never again will you have to worry again about getting lost or trying to print pages of maps before a long drive. It’s as simple as popping in the postcode and off you go. It also has useful features such as being able to find the closest service station and restaurants while you’re on the go. Although there have been a few issues with the Satnav; for instance it sometimes tries to get you to drive down roads that don’t exist, and one man almost followed the instructions off a cliff. The Satnav makes up for it slightly, with the option to have your directions read to you by celebrity voices such as Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, Tom Cruise, Yoda and Bugs Bunny.
Infotainment systems are great as they allow you to control all the car systems, and also include navigation, audio and video entertainment. A car with a fantastic version of this is the BMW with its iDrive. The iDrive has many great features such as 3D maps, a high-resolution LCD screen, voice control, music streaming through Bluetooth, and the ability to plug in your Apple device and get full access to your music library. Very useful indeed. The iDrive is intuitive, logically laid out and incredibly simple to use. We feel it definitely outstrips other infotainment systems in competition with it. If you’re interested in getting a BMW with iDrive check out our used BMW range.

Backseat TV
Having a TV screen in the headrests of your car is the epitome of luxury, and you can’t help but sneak a peek inside a car that has them when they drive by. TV screens are a great idea if you’re taking any long journeys or road trips. They’re something to keep your passengers occupied, so you don’t have to resort to in-car games like ‘I-spy’. It’s also great for kids to watch cartoons in the back so they don’t get bored. If you don’t have a car with backseat TVs or don’t want to buy one, there is a cheaper solution. You can instead buy a portable TV/DVD player and attach it manually to the headrest. Several places online sell these headrest mounts or headrests with screens already built in.
Nowadays it seems people can’t go more than 5 minutes without checking their messages and updating social media on phones and tablets. So if you like to keep connected whilst away from your home or the office, then you can get a Wi-Fi hotspot inside your car! You’ll never have to worry again about driving in the middle of the countryside and not being able to update your status. Much like the backseat TV, it would be great for long trips and keeping the kids entertained if they have games consoles and phones with them. Another great ploy to keep them quiet. Several companies have now created devices to give you Wi-Fi in your car, and EE have done a pretty decent version called Buzzard. This device plugs directly in the car dashboard and supports up to 10 devices, which you can pay for through a monthly plan. This is great as you can connect a host of devices to it, including your laptop, phone, games consoles, and tablets. A nifty device that keeps you connected whilst on the go.

Dashcams or Dashboard Cameras have been made quite popular in the past couple of years, and some of them have even caught footage of falling meteors in Russia, which quite often go viral. You can use your DashCam for more than a spot of astronomy though. With a DashCam you can use the footage for insurance claims, to show what really happened on the road, thus saving you paying for expenses you’re not liable for. Also handy if the driver you’re in a collision with drives off. It can also help with mishaps when you’re parked. Dashcams with ‘parking protection’ will turn off when the ignition is switched off and will only start recording again when they detect movement. Great for taking video footage evidence to the police in case of theft or vandalism. And finally you can monitor your driving skills, watch them back and improve on any problem areas; great for new drivers. Some popular dashcams brands are Garmin, Roadhawk and GoPro.

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