What Do You Think Of The Mercedes-AMG C63?

Mercedes-AMG takes the model developed by Mercedes-Benz like the C-Class and transforms it into a mile-munching, speed demon. Mercedes-AMG is the sports arm of Mercedes-Benz and they created the C63 AMG, the first AMG-tuned C-Class with turbochargers. Some consider the C63, the best Mercedes yet.

Let’s talk engine

Mercedes-AMG loves V8 engines and that is shown in the C63. It comes with a 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 petrol engine, developing a whopping 510 bhp. It dashes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds flat and hits an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph. The engine is paired with a smooth automatic gearbox, ensuring you can accelerate without bump or pause.

Obviously, with an engine this size and power, fuel economy is not the highest priority. You drive an AMG C63 for the speed and power on offer. It does, however, offer a combined fuel economy of 34.5 mpg. City driving doesn’t provide the most efficient economy because it only delivers 26 mpg, but motorway driving is better at 42 mpg. Again, it is the power you want rather than the fuel economy aspect of this car.

Inside the C63

The interior of the C63 is sportier than its regular counterpart. It has a flat-bottomed steering wheel with sportier seats and carbon fibre littered around the cabin. Those sports seats are incredibly comfortable and supportive, especially when you take this car into corners. This gives you an energetic feel that you can achieve anything with the power and speed provided by the engine under the bonnet.

In the centre console, you do have an 8.4-inch infotainment system that includes satellite navigation, 3D map display, internet browser and a hard drive storage system. This gives you plenty of potential for what you can use the screen for because it is a touchscreen, it removes many of the buttons that once cluttered up the dashboard and leaves you with a gorgeous minimalist design for you to kick back and enjoy.

Passenger space in this super saloon is brilliant. There are endless amounts of space up front for the driver and front passenger. Their seats are fully adjustable, so they can sit however they wish. In the back, there are adequate amounts of space, but for a six-foot adult sitting behind another six-foot adult in the front, it may be a squeeze.

Storage wise, you will find plenty of cubby holes available. The door bins hold large items like a bottle of water and there is more storage under the centre armrest. You are not lacking in spots to hide things. In the boot, you will also find a capacity of 435-litres.

Performance and drive

Mercedes have long been known for making great handling cars. Mercedes-AMG makes those cars even better. The steering is sharp and accurate, giving you plenty of confidence in the corners, meaning you can hit them at speed and come out of the other side smoothly.

The drive is smooth with three different modes available. One mode offers a firm ride with no body lean for the sportier drivers, whilst you can also have a softer setup for when you just want to cruise in comfort. Then there is the Dynamic setting which allows you to sit in moderate comfort, but have the sporty steering and throttle available.

Seriously, the C63 offers you so much fun thanks to the setup and engine. If you are looking for a car, Hippo Prestige has a great range of prestige car available for you to browse right now. We have some of the best cars in the world on offer and if you see one you like, have a chat with us. Our dedicated team will work hard to find you the best deal to suit your needs and desires.

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