White Car Popularity Hits All Time High In 2014

After a flood of popularity in recent years, white is now the UK’s favourite car colour. Even in a world full of different coloured cars, most people seem to choose either black or white. Almost a quarter of new vehicles registered in 2014 were white meaning it has been the highest proportion since records began.
Out of the 2,476,435 new vehicles registered in 2015, 22.2% of these were white.
Although white cars are harder to see in snow or blizzards they could be safer than black ones. There are other benefits of having a white car too. Black cars tend to absorb the sun meaning in summer, the cabin of the car may get too hot. So, in hot countries it’s no wonder people buy different coloured cars. However that’s not really the case in the UK! We know white vehicles are a pain to clean but they do look more stylish when they are sparkling than other colour options.
You may find if you opt for a white car that they tend to hold their value better than any other colour choices such as red as they may depreciate faster depending on trends. You may also find that you won’t get bored with the colour as quick. This can depend on gender though. According to an analysis of 30 million used car listings men have a 7% stronger preference for white cars then women do.
We know it sounds silly but some people think the rise in sales of white cars could be due to the ‘Apple Effect’. This means that people would like their gadget such as their iPhone to match their car colour.

Here at Hippo Prestige we have an extensive range of different coloured vehicles including some very tasteful white ones. The Audi R8 Spyder V8 Quattro being one of these. A real stylish looking car that can really turn heads and is enough to make other road users turn green with envy. Inside is where the R8 really gets impressive. It comes completed with full leather and heated seats, central locking, climate control, air-con and sat-nav. It certainly can’t be faulted for build quality. Get yours now for only £87,980.

The Porsche 911 Carrera is another fabulous vehicle that looks incredible in white. What Car said ‘Performance is seriously rapid, while the Porsche 911 mixes superb body control with a comfortable ride. The cabin is beautifully finished, too’. It’s classy and comes with white and blue leather seats, alloy wheels, pcm sat-nav, air-con and Bluetooth telephone preparation. The 3.8l 62 plate coupe that we have here at Hippo Prestige Car sales for just £67,480 is a fine example of a white car.
TJust in now at Hippo is a white 14 plate Land Rover Discovery SDV6 SE Tech, which is a great all round vehicle for looks and performance. The cabin is extremely spacious and can easily fit 5 adults in it with room left over. There are also 2 further seats in the boot. It comes with all the latest kit including climate control, air-con, electric windows, front and rear parking sensors, detachable towbar, sat-nav and alloy wheels. Although this isn’t the most elegant of vehicles it does suit the colour white well.

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