Who Is Making The Best Electric Cars?

With the threat of climate change and the increasing price of fuel these days, some car manufacturers are on a mission to build electric cars. They are far healthier for the environment and they reduce the cost of running a car. Electric cars are most likely going to be the future, which is why many more manufacturers are investing in research and development of electric cars. 

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors are an American car manufacturer who specialise in electric cars. They are seen as the market leader in all-electric plug-in cars rather than hybrids. In 2008, they launched the World’s first electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster. It was in production from 2008-2012. 

They followed up with their first electric saloon, the Tesla Model S, which rolled off the production line 2012. They arrived in the UK in 2014. Tesla followed the market trend and released the Tesla Model X, a full-size crossover SUV that was launched in September 2015. Their next model to be released in 2018, is the Tesla Model 3.  

Tesla models are electric prestige cars for sale as they have higher price tags than some of their other competitors, but their technology is seen as more advanced. 


Volkswagen make great cars. They always have and most likely always will. However, now they have begun to create all-electric versions of their most popular petrol and diesel cars. 

There is the e-up! It is the all-electric version of the best city car on the road. This is the same car with an electric engine and far better range. Then you have the e-Golf. Volkswagen have taken their most popular car and turned it into a high-quality hybrid-electric car, powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine and a 102 PS electric motor. 

Volkswagen have also turned their popular saloon car into a plug-in hybrid in a similar fashion to the Golf. It comes with a 1.4-litre petrol engine and a 115 PS electric motor to power it along. 


Nissan calls it the electric revolution. They are aiming to create cars and vans that produce zero emissions by ensuring they are all-electric rather than hybrid. 

On offer from Nissan is the Nissan Leaf, which comes with an extended battery warranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles and the new model has an extended range of 155 miles compared to the previous model. Nissan then offers two electric vans. The Nissan E-NV200 and the E-NV200 Combi. 


BMW are currently in the market of creating brilliant hybrid powered cars that deliver upon the enjoyment of driving. They design great cars for driving and then consider how to turn it into a hybrid car. The BMW I Range launched in 2013. 

BMW offer the i3 which is a small electric hybrid hatchback like other hatchbacks, but with a combination of petrol engine and electric motor. BMW also went for the big guns and delivered a hybrid supercar in the form of the BMW i8.

Electric cars are the future for luxury cars and BMW and Tesla are leading examples of that. Be prepared for better improved electric cars in the future and in the meantime check our stocklist to see if we have any in stock right now.  

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